The new For Oculus Quest 2 head mounted RGB electric device with adjustable 8000mA VR head mounted VR accessories

Product name: For Meta/Oculus For Quest 2 head strap 
Product material: ABS+PC plastic
Product color: black, white, black and white
Outer box size: 60*55*43 
Outer box weight: about 15kg
Product packaging size: 20*19*11CM 
Product weight: 472 grams 
FCL quantity: 30 units Battery capacity: 8000mAh, can provide 8 hour of battery life for Vr, and it takes 2 hours and 30 minutes to fully charge the headset 
Headwear certification:UN38.3 five items, CE, FCC, ROHS Patent application: US patent, EU patent, Chinese patent 
Applicable models: For Meta/For Oculus Quest 2
Features: novel style, no pressure on the face, comfortable to wear, continuous charging and battery life, bringing a great experience to gamers
Customizing, processing, and printing LOGO with drawings

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